My Journey; My Path Day 87

Oh boy Thanksgiving was a day to remember. It was filled with drama. My other sister came with her boyfriend and it was so awkward because I didn’t talk to her. I talked to her boyfriend quite a bit. My mom thought that was kind of weird I think is the word she used. But I told her that he was my friend long before she came into the picture and she was just going to have to get over it. So we got home yesterday and my mom was telling me that something happened to my oldest sister before we got there for the dinner yesterday which kind of put her off yesterday. I wondered why she seemed a little off. I thought perhaps it was just because she was busy and trying to get everything ready and stuff, but it wasn’t. I feel so bad for her. I love her and we have become so close especially now with my foot. Her support has been wonderful and it came just when I needed it. I love spending time with her and her husband at their house. I had a great time yesterday despite the stuff that went on. But the thing that made it well kind of sad was I was checking my facebook before we left to go over to the dinner yesterday and a dear friend who I am friends with on facebook lost his father yesterday. He passed away. I was so heartbroken for him. I feel better about it today. I want to go to the viewing. I need to find out when it is. I’m sure I will. He said he would post details. He’s such a wonderful man and he’s very popular. I have lost several of my family members so I understand what he is going through. I may get angry and upset with my parents, but I love them and I would be devastated if I lost either one or both of them.

Well that’s my thoughts for now. Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon.

Take care,



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