My Journey; My Path Day 84


I got a nice surprise yesterday. My oldest sister came by. I was wondering if she would come by. My mom said she might. It’s been nice having her to come by now and then. She’s such a beautiful person and she’s finding her way in the world. She’s finding her voice. It’s been a privilege to see her grow. She’s a beautiful woman and just awesome. Having her support has been awesome. I don’t know what I would do without her. Mom and I are planning to go over to her place for Thanksgiving dinner. I can’t wait to see her. I love her and her husband very much. Actually to be honest and open with you I don’t really want to go because I can’t stand my brother-in-law’s mother, but I love my brother-in-law and he’s also been very supportive. I just love him. He’s like a brother I never had growing up. I enjoy being there at the house and listening to Chris’ voice (my sister’s name) and just being in the present of her company. I guess it’s just something I’m used to when I was growing up. There was always a lot of noise and stuff, but I don’t know exactly how to describe actually. I just love being there and that’s why I’m going. My other sister will be there. Not to thrilled about that, but oh well. My other sister Megan is her name. We don’t get along right now and she disrespected my wishes and texted me and stuff saying she wants to talk. I’m like I don’t want to talk to you. I’m not ready for that. Anyway I won’t bore you with a long story. Also my brother-in-law’s family will be there and I think some of his friends. It will be a small and nice Thanksgiving. I think it will be very nice.

In other news my foot is doing much better. It hurts from time to time. But in the meantime just counting down the days until I go back to the doctor next month.

Have a beautiful day and I’ll talk to you soon.

Take care!




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