My Journey; My Path Day 83


Had a beautiful day yesterday at the  BTI Completion Ceremony. I think the best way to describe it would be to share my post from today on my facebook page. I hope you all have a wonderful day with light, love, and happiness….

Here is my post today from Facebook page about the BTI  Completion Ceremony yesterday:

is resting. Had a beautiful day yesterday at the BTI Completion Ceremony. I got to see my classmates who I graduated with, instructors, and saw other classmates who had graduated as well. I felt so many things. I felt gratitude, beauty, love, and so on. I could sit here all day and share with you what I felt. When I got there it felt so good to be back. As soon as I stepped into the building where I had my classes a flood of memories came back. I remembered everything and I found myself again. I found my sense of self which was my biggest take away from when I graduated a year ago. I had lost my sense of self when I left BTI, but being back there yesterday I found it again. Now I feel reborn. I feel loved, supported, and genuine gratitude. I said good bye to my most favorite place in the world without saying goodbye. I cried a little, but I laughed and I smiled. I want to thank my classmates, my graduating class that came yesterday. Thank you for your love and support and help that you have given me and will always give me. I had a hard time because of my foot and they helped me. They “carried me” by loving me and supporting me and encouraging me. I’ll never be able to express to you how thankful I am. I realize how much I love you guys and how much I miss you. I can’t wait to you see guys again, but until then I know you are with me because you are in my heart and you are always with me in spirit. Today, I walk forward not thinking about my future or my past, but thinking about today and living today. I walk forward with doubts, anger, bitterness, light, love, happiness, thankfulness, and most of I walk with gratitude. I walk with my head held up high and a heart that is full….




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