My Journey; My Path Day 79

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I thought my post had posted. Well you’ll get my thoughts from yesterday and today! I hope you enjoy them. Today I am planning on doing some writing and some reading. I need to stay off netflix. I ended up on there for most of the day and I had a headache. I woke up this morning around five close to six o’clock with a headache and I couldn’t get back to sleep. It was awful. Oh well I’m awake now. I can always take a nap. My foot is hurting a little so I’m elevating it and I’m sure I’ll be fine. Oh by the way I’m getting excited for Sunday. The college I graduated from is having what they call a Completion Ceremony from 12-4 pm. I’m so excited. I will get to see my classmates and my instructors. I don’t care that I have my boot I will be going. I told my mom I was going. I had planned on going before I had my foot stuff to happen. I’m meeting my classmates afterward at The Carolina Brewery. I’m so excited. It’s the only thing other than thanksgiving next week that I have to look forward to.

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon!

Take care,




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