My Journey; My Path Day 68

Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing well this beautiful Sunday morning. I’m feeling pretty good. I have a headache. But then again I always have a headache when I get up. I don’t have one everyday, but I do have one most mornings for the most part. I slept out on the couch last night. I think that might be part of the problem. I’m sleeping in my own bed tonight. I just didn’t feel like it last night, but tonight I will. Still counting down the days till I get my cast off. I can’t wait. I’m hoping I can go back to work. I hope he will let me. I’ve decided to look at Lowes foods and CVS/Pharmacy for jobs once I get back to work at the school again. I want to see what I can find. I have the goals and the picture in my head what I want to do, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I’m not in a hurry like I used to be. I was talking about with my mom yesterday about the positions I found at CVS/Pharmacy in Randleman and she said will you be able to pay your bills on the money you make there or something like that and I said well depends on what they want to pay me. I told her I was going to ask for more money. I told her I couldn’t answer that question. She didn’t like that too much. She didn’t say much about it after that. She hasn’t said a lot about it. I don’t really care though. I don’t care whether she likes it or not I’m doing what I want to do and what I think is right for me. I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore. I’m doing what’s in my heart and that I know is the right thing to do. Sometimes in life you have to. I’m done being what everyone else wants me to do. I’m going to be me. I’m done living a lie.

Have a great day everyone and take care!

Talk to you soon,




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