My Journey; My Path 67

Hello everyone!

I feel so alive and fresh this morning. I’m also cold. It’s cold here. Brr!!! Anyway I have some wonderful news. I talked with my best friend and future roommate and we had a nice conversation through email. I love how our emails say so much about us and our relationship. We are free to be open and honest with each other whether we are in talking in emails or in person. I just love him so much and admire him. I have a great respect for him because he is himself. He has helped me so much. He has helped me to accept the parts of myself that I would have never accepted in the past. He has helped me to be more open and honest. He loves and accepts me for who I am. He’s a wonderful, loving, kind, warm, and caring man. I would never trade that for all the gold or silver in the world. I truly respect him. I don’t have to be a certain way with him. I can be myself. He doesn’t show judgement or harshness to me. He makes me feel better about myself. I absolutely love him. I care for him deeply. I don’t judge him or treat him harshly. I don’t care that he likes certain things and that I don’t or vice versa. I don’t care whether he’s gay or straight. I am just glad to have him in my life. I love him and I accept him for who he is. I have to confess it’s the longest email I have ever sent to him, but I read his email a couple of times so I would say everything I wanted. I wanted to make sure that I said everything I wanted to say. It was a beautiful, loving email.

Today I am going to sit here and try to stay warm. I have some things to do but I am going to rest. I have my doctor’s appointment next week and I need to behave myself. I’ve been doing good so far. I just want to stay on track.

Have a great day everyone!

Take care and I’ll talk to you guys soon,


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