My Journey; My Path Day 64


I hope everyone who sees this is happy, healthy, and well. I’m doing okay today. Today is a good day. I’m just taking one day at a time and dealing with it. I’m being honest about it. If I’m having a bad day then I have a bad day and I deal with it. I’m tired of lying and not being myself and doing what others expect me to do. I’m done with it. I’m taking off all the masks. I’m happy with who I am and no one is going to make me feel bad about it. My foot is fine. I have 1 week and then next week my cast comes off. Thank you God! Please God please let me get this cast off so I can go back to work and make some money. That line was actually my facebook status today. I’m serious it really was. I also emailed my friend and my future roommate today and I love that I was honest and open with him and that I shared with him what I have been thinking and feeling while we have been apart. I can’t wait to see him again and give him a huge hug!!

Sending everyone who reads this my love, light, and happiness for a wonderful day…




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