My Journey; My Path Day 60


Feeling good this morning. I didn’t sleep all that great, but that’s okay. I did get some sleep so I’m grateful. So I told you yesterday I’m concerning applying for another job. I’m seriously leaning in that direction. I talked with my mom, but I don’t think she’s thrilled at all. I think that she’s worried and concerned, but I need to do this and I’m tired of my job. I’m not working there another school year. I love what I do, but I hate it. I really hate it. I love the kids I have, but I hate working there. I can’t stand my co-workers and it’s just been horrible this year. Plus with my foot and all it’s not been a great school year for me. I love my boss though. He’s been awesome. Speaking of my foot it’s much better. I just have a hard time at night trying to sleep. I’m hoping the two weeks will go by quickly.

In other news my landlord’s daughter came and got her cat today. She came to visit her and I told her we had been keeping her in the room. She asked if she was a hand full and I said a little. We talked for a few minutes. She left to do some things and then came back and got her. I helped her to grab her things. I told her I was sorry and that if I wasn’t on the crutches I could play with her. I didn’t want to be mean about it. Apparently they weren’t going to be back until the 2nd of November. I just wish that my landlord’s had told my mom that when they called her to keep the cat in the first place. But she may have and my mom forgot. Either way it doesn’t matter I’m just glad the cat is gone. But anyway moving on.

Hope you all have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon.

Take care,




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