My Journey; My Path Day 54


Boy oh boy what a day! I decided to go shopping with my mom. Bad idea. She’s a maniac driver. I’m not tryin to be mean, but she’s terrible. She reminders me of how I used to drive before I used to drive the bus. Oh man! I’m just glad to be at home. I decided to stay in my room and away from her. I was irritable in the store when we were shopping, but still. I did tell her I was sorry. She said she forgave me. Maybe she just irritable too. I don’t know, but I’m never going shopping with her again. I just want this cast off so I can go back to work. Her and I don’t do well together. We are different people. We do better when we are not around each other all the time. She’s just plain selfish. Having her to help me has been hard because she doesn’t want to do it. She doesn’t want to help me. I can tell. I get that vibe from her. Well actually she says it in actions and words. It hurts my feelings. It really does because I do a lot for her. I feel helpless. I want this cast off so I can do things for myself and do them the way I want them done. I want to earn my own money and shop at the stores I want and I can shop when I want. I can also buy the food I want when I want it. This is why I want to move and get out of here because of her and everything that has happened to me while I’ve been out of work. I’ll never do this again. I will plan better and make more of an effort to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. I will take better care of myself by making better choices and I will do that by planning ahead. But for today I will handle today. I won’t worry about anything else. There’s no point. Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet. Today is happening now and I must live in it.

Take care,





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