My Journey; My Path Day 47


Just wanted to say thank you to my new followers and those who visited my blog yesterday!! Thank you so very much. I appreciate you stopping by my blog to view it. I hope next time you will comment on it and let me know what you think. I also hope it helped you and encouraged you in some way.

Man am I tired. I was up and down all night last night. I had a bunch of “junk”; sweet stuff yesterday and it made me sick. I finally got to sleep around 3 in the morning. Oh man. Never again I say. Never again. I’m going to be a “good girl” and eat healthier food. I think I have finally learned my lesson. I will never go through this again. I guess it takes something like this to get through to you. I’m stubborn, but I shouldn’t be. This is something that could have been more serious. But I’m glad it wasn’t. Like I said I have learned my lesson.

In other news my foot is coming along. I lost my balance and accidentally stepped onto my foot. I wasn’t on it for long. I quickly got back to the bed and got my balance again. I did check my cast and everything seems to be fine. It started to hurt a little after I got up again, but everything like I said seems to be fine. I hope it is and I’ll be able to get my cast off soon. I hate casts! They’re a pain in the butt.

Have a great day! Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.




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