My Journey; My Path Day 38


Hope this entry finds you well. I’ve started to watch another one of my favorite shows. It’s called The Dick Van Dike show. I love it. I’m a huge Dick Van Dike fan. It’s so funny and it’s on netflix. It’s simply great. You have to watch it.

My foot is okay. I accidently put pressure on it the other nite and it’s still swelling and it still hurts, but only a little. I’m counting the days until I see the doctor again. So in other news I reached out to an instructor of mine I had in college and I am seeking her help. I went to college for a Massage Therapist certificate and I am unable to pass the state board test so I can get my license. I am seeking my instructor’s help with the test. We’ll be meeting to do some tutorials and I am hoping this will help me to pass the test. A friend of mine also reached out to me and said she would be happy to help me study for the test as well. I am very excited about this. I am sure with their help I will pass the test this time. As for my other plans to move and such I’m still not sure what I am doing. For now until my foot heals I have to put a hold on them. I’m not sure when or if I will move, but I know that my future is in Winston-Salem.

That’s it’s for now. Have a great day. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.




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