My Journey; My Path Day 32

Hello everyone!

I hope this entry finds you well. I am so glad it’s Saturday. It’s been a heck of a week. Staying home today resting, but yesterday I snapped. I was just so tired and I was so restless that I needed to get out of the house. I literally snapped like a twig branch in the woods. I went off on my mom and I drove around. I called my best friend, but he didn’t answer. I knew he wouldn’t, but I wanted to hear his voice and talk to him. So I screamed, cried, cussed, and just drove for a while. When I finally went home my mom was waiting for me and she helped me get into the house and helped me get some dinner and helped me as I got ready for bed. I told her I was sorry. I talked with her and we discussed some things like I needed a shower. So today I am going to look into getting something I can use so I can shower while I’m leg and foot are in this cast.

Sometimes you snap like a twig branch. You’re not perfect. We are all human and life is what it is. It’s shitty, messy, and awful, but it can be wonderful and beautiful and good as well. We have to take the bad with the good and vise versa. That’s life. There’s nothing natural about life. Everything was created and made for a reason and that includes humans as well. We can only handle so much and when we’ve had our limit we snap. Don’t beat yourself up as I have done and get to the point where you snap. Reach out to those that love you and truly support you. Let them be open and honest with you. Let it come from a place of love and be willing to be vulnerable and trust that person to tell you the truth. You will be a different person. I promise you that you will.

Have a great day everyone! I leave you to think about this…

Talk to you soon; take care….





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