My Journey; My Path Day 24

Hello everyone!!

I hope this entry finds you well. So yesterday was a rough day. I was so afraid yesterday I literally cried. I was filling out an application yesterday and I got scared because it was asking questions about being fired or discharged. I have been fired/discharged from a job. I was trying to calm myself down, but like I said by the end of the day I was literally in tears. So I started to say a prayer and cried and let everything out. I also went to my backyard and said a prayer too. It helped so much. I had a much better afternoon with my kids on the bus and everything else too. I felt light as a feather.

Today I’m doing better. I feel hopeful. I feel hopeful about my life and my future. Today is a much better day.

We all struggle. We all have bad days, but there are good days. Just remember the shine will always shine after the rain. Hang in there because the good days are just as beautiful as the bad ones.

I hope reading this gives you some encouragement and enlightens your heart.

Talk to you soon. Take care and have a great day. Have a great weekend!!

Kathleen 0722161652

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