My Journey; My Path Day 21

Hello! Good morning one and all. I hope this entry finds you well.

I ended up calling in yesterday afternoon for my day job. I didn’t drive the bus or clean my section. It was nice to just rest. I wasn’t feeling very well and I needed a day to rest. I’m glad I did. I talked with my best friend and my future for a while in the morning and a little in the evening. It was great to talk with him. He helped me to see things different. He pulled me out yesterday when I couldn’t pull myself out. I’m so glad he was there for me.

Onto today. I am planning on putting my student loans into forbearance so I can get things squared away with the move. I’m also going to research some more jobs. Just taking one day at a time and living each day!!

Remember to live each day one day at a time!! In the end it will be worth it.

Have a great day everyone! Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.





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