My Journey; My Path Day 20

Hey everyone!

I hope this entry finds you well. I’ll be honest. I’m struggling. I have decided to not take the job in Winston-Salem after all. I’ve decided I want to still move, but I want to a job where I can support myself. I’ve made this mistake twice in my life and I have had to move back home because of it. I don’t want to make the same mistake again. My mom says I’m mature for seeing it this time. Because I do. I see it clearly this time and I see everything that will happen after I make this choice and I don’t want to go through that all over again. So I’ve decided to stay in Asheboro and at my day job till I can find a full-time job with benefits and that is a secure job.

I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m resting today. No job researching for me today! Hope you all have a wonderful day.Talk to you soon. Take care.

Kathleen 0825160824


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