My Journey; My Path Day 2

Hello everyone! I’m sorry it took me a couple of days to post. I have started my day job again and I’m getting used to the new schedule.

Starting today applying for jobs again. I had a rough day the day before yesterday. Monday the 29th was my first day back at my day job. I drive a bus and I am a custodian for Southeastern Randolph Middle School in NC. Well like I said it was a rough day. As a bus drive my route changes quite a bit and it changed a lot this year. I have more stops than I did before. I ended up getting the kids late to school their first day. The afternoon was much better. I studied the route and I was able to remember most of the stops, but yesterday was much better and today was really good. I didn’t end up needing the paper which I had that has my route on it. It was great. My kids are really great too. They were very patient with me and they understood my rules and hopefully they will follow them.

I had one interview last week and it went well. But I decided to not take it if they offer me the position because I want to see what else is out there. I want to find something I can tolerate until I get my Massage License. I went to school for Massage Therapy and I have to pass a state board test to get my license and I have tried three times and I haven’t passed it so I am taking a break and concentrating on my move to Winston-Salem and finding a job instead.

As you go through our your day please let these posts that I post be an encouragement to you. I am going to be honest and open with you and share these good days and bad/ugly days with you. It’s been a rough journey/path for me, but it will get better. I will have days where I struggle and so will you, but just be patient and know that light is at the end of the tunnel. We need to start talking about these issues because if we don’t we will bottle things up and we will end up becoming negative, mean, bitter, and angry people and I don’t want that. I don’t think you do either. Keep moving forward. Keep your head up and don’t give in and don’t give up!! 0722161652

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