Open and Honest Conversations!

I have started to write a book called My Life In My Own Words. It is a series of topics and I express how I feel through that particular topic. It’s everything from a certain subject such as open and honest conversations to listing people’s name such as family and friends. I have always wanted to write my story about me and I am glad that I wrote it. You will see the changes I have made in my life that have gotten me to where I am today. I hope to one day have it published for everyone to read. Here is an excerpt from my book. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think…

0722161652Excerpt my book My Life In My Own Words

Open and Honest Conversations

Dedicated to my open and honest conversations.

I love these conversations because they are open and honest. You can speak freely from your heart and not be afraid of judgement because they come from a place of love. If we had more of these conversations our world would be a different place. There would more love and less hate. There would be less wars and less fighting. There would be less hate, anger, bitterness, and resentment. There would less stress, anxiety, depression, and sickness. There would be more of seeing things for what they are instead of what we want to see. I think our world would be a beautiful place. It would be an amazing place to live. Wouldn’t it? I would love to live there. How do we create this world? We promote love instead of hate. We have more open and honest conversations that come from a place of love. We stop judging, hating, and being jealous of each other. Instead we love unconditionally, support, and encourage each other. But it all starts with one person. One person to say I’m done with the bull shit. I’m done with the drama of life. I’m done with pretending to be someone I’m not. I’m done with lying. I’m taking off my mask and I am going to open and honest. I’m going to have open and honest conversations that come from a place of love. I promise when you do you will see the difference between open and honest conversations and plain old conversations. You will see the difference it makes in your life. It’s amazing! It’s truly amazing the difference I’ve noticed when I stopped having plain old conversations and had open and honest conversations that come from a place of love. I’m not afraid. I’m filled with love and my heart and mind are open and I am free to be myself. I am free to my authentic self. I am free period. Who wants to be free? I do. I truly do. Thank you to those I have had open and honest conversations they were truly amazing and I will cherish them until we can have more of them together! To open and honest conversations you have changed my life. I don’t have to force these conversations. They happen on their own. I can’t wait to have more open and honest conversations! Until then I will move forward with my heart and mind open to finding more of these beautiful conversations!



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